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A Satnav for your Business

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When you are setting off on a difficult journey in your car what would be the first thing you do? Would you just drive off in a direction and hope for the best that you’ll get there when you get there or would you plan your journey using a SatNav or GPS to help you with a quick, seamless and enjoyable route? Speaking for myself, when knowing how precious a commodity time and money are I would choose the SatNav every time. Your SatNav will identify precisely where you are at the start of your journey and – after typing in your desired destination – it would suggest various methods of getting there. A good device would point out potential hazards, traffic hotspots, roadworks or areas to be avoided and give you an estimated time for your arrival. It will guide you securely through traffic, avoiding pitfalls, until you arrive safely where you want to be.

So if this is how most commonly we choose to reach our destination on the road why is it that so many of us fail to do the same in our business? Imagine if in your business you had a tool in which you could type where you want to be in 5 years time and be guided there through the morass of hurdles and crossroads that the business world throws at you?

Business and technology is moving faster than ever and it is proving increasingly more difficult to keep up with changes as well as innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies and with over 98% of businesses in the EU being SME’s, business is becoming progressively more competitive.

Spending time focusing on working ON and not in your business is considered a luxury and yet it is critical to the survival of your business. Instead, we tend to get so caught up in the minutae of daily work – the repetitive necessities – that we lose sight of the bigger picture and this can be incredibly damaging.

So this is how an ActionCOACH Business Coach will direct and guide you en route to your business success much like your SatNav :

  • An ActionCOACH business coach is independent and congruent meaning they practice what they preach in the proven and tested methods of the ActionCOACH business coaching system
  • We will work together to help you plot your destination not only in business but also your personal life to help you achieve what you desire.
  • We will tell you the truth – not simply what you want to hear. A good coach is objective and not subjective.
  • We will help you see the wood for the trees and make it easier for you to focus on your company and achieving your long-term strategies.
  • We will listen to you and be your trusted advisor.
  • We will help you develop long-term plans, allowing your business to function more efficiently to maximise your profits.
  • We will make you work smarter while making each step of your journey more efficient.
  • We will coach you in building a robust business strategy and plans, marketing and sales strategies, coach you in Leadership & Management, be your non-executive director, your confidant, your wise counsel, and your business mentor.

Being a small or medium-sized business owner does not mean you need to go it alone. Start working on, not in your business with a coach as your own personal business SatNav to add the expertise to help you navigate the road safely and profitably!


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